Terms And Conditions

1.     General

The following agreement dictates the services provided by the Savnpik website and all orders placed on and to the website. You may only use the website and the services provided by it if you are 18 and above and have signed the terms of agreement policy. If you are below 18 years of age then you may not use the website without the consent of a parent or guardian. Anyone who does not agree with the terms of usage and refrains from signing is also not allowed to use the website.

“Savnpik will NOT deal or provide any services or products to any of OFAC sanctions countries in compliance with the law of UAE.”

“United Arab of Emirates is your company’s country of domicile”.

“We accept payments online using Visa and MasterCard credit/debit card in the (Currency required, e.g. AED). If “Credit Card Online” is selected as the payment methods then the details on the
Customers ID (Card holders ID) should exactly match that of the credit card used to make the purchase”.

“In case of any disputes the law applicable would be based on the UAE Governing Law”.

2.     Refunds

While Savnpik realises that some things may be wrong for you we also urge our clients to understand that some may be wrong for us. While making purchases we encourage our customers to make sure that the deal is in every way for them. If your plans depend on other people or even are bound by other external factors like the weather then Savnpik urges you to think twice before purchase. We are not responsible if you end up not going through with the deal you have bought through a fault of your own.

If you are unable to use the voucher you have purchased we would like you to consider giving it to a friend or a member of the family. Refunds are not part of our policy.

However, if an occasion arises where we at Savnpik are at fault then you can Contact Us for compensation.

Savnpik tries it utmost to research each and every thirds part dealer that advertises their deals on our website but we also urge our customers to exercise caution and not carry out transactions if they think something is amiss. If something big lets you down then Savnpik will do its utmost to assist you and give you a refund if it is applicable. The following is a list of times when refunds are NOT applicable; expired vouchers, voucher extensions, double purchase, customer change plans and purchase by error.

“All the refunds of any transaction’s amount against any purchase through this website would be refunded to the original mode of payment”


3.     Voucher Redemption

Savnpik is engaged with numerous third party sellers who advertise and sale their deals and vouchers through our website. Be aware of the fact that the agreement between us is that we at Savnpik will sale and collect money from the customers in behalf of the retailer. The seller not Savnpik is responsible for the deal and is the author of whichever voucher you purchase. We make no commitment as to the quality of the service being provided, the standards of the service and base all of our advertising material upon the information that the retailers provide to us and are in no way responsible for the product itself. Savnpik urges you to be very careful with the codes that are printed upon the vouchers. If you provide the code to anyone they can redeem the vouchers and once redeemed the voucher cannot be used again. Similarly if you redeem the vouchers once and make reservations which you miss the voucher will be used and cannot be used again.


4. Security

Savnpik aims to make transactions with our clients as secure as possible. We have an SSL gateway and top notch privacy and security. We also have a secure payment gateway coupled with a 256 Bit SSL Layer encryption. For further questions you can contact our customer support staff who will answer all your queries.


5.     Website User and Member Agreement

a.     Restrictions on Use

 Users must agree to use our website for only personal use. Moreover, they (users) must agree not to (a) disrupt or attempt to disrupt the operations of the website in any way, or use the Site in a way that negatively impacts the availability of its services to other Users; (b) use the Site for any illegal purpose or in any manner that is not in agreement with the Terms and Conditions which have been stated upon the site; or (c) modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works from or offer for sale any information which has been listed on or has been gotten from the website.

b.     User’s Agreement

As per the Users agree, the users must agree to the following

 (a) To maintain all information, which is required for the access and use of Savnpik

(b) Maintain the security of their user ID, password and other classified information relating to their Savnpik account

(c) To be accountable for all consequences resulting from the use of their Account by themselves or by others including minors as well as unauthorized use.

(d) Notify Savnpik immediately if the user becomes aware of any unauthorized use of their account

 (e) A username and password is intended for the use of a single use only


c.     Email Policy

 When a user creates an account with Savnpik it is assumed that the user is signing on for emails from the website. These emails are essential for making reservations and confirming purchases on the websites. These emails also contain crucial information of deals which are on the website and will not sent unless the user has given the website the right to do so.


d.     Fees and Charges

Businesses which use the website need to be aware of the fact that they should not be charging the customer any additional fees than they would normally charge when they register for a deal. They should not be charging any more than they would be charging when they provide their services.

e.     Copyright

All material on the site is copyright material and is protected under copyright laws. Any and all material on this website cannot be used elsewhere and in any other way other than it has been stated in the terms of use agreement.


f.      No Warranties

When registering to the website the user agrees to the fact that the usage of the service, is at their risk. Savnpik assumes no responsibility and is not to be held liable for any damage or any viruses that may affect your equipment from the accessing and use of the website or any of the other websites which have been connected to it. All users must all provide valid email addresses and Savnpik at all times holds the right at its own discretion to cancel or suspend the programs should any viruses impede the smooth usage of the website in terms of security and proper function. The material on this site may include inaccuracies and some typing errors. Savnpik does not guarantee the precision of the material or the dependability of any advice, opinions and statement or any other material and information displayed and distributed through the Site. The users must acknowledge that all reliance on any such view, opinion, report, memorandum or information will completely be at their own risks.


g.     Termination


Savnpik can terminate any and/or all deals and services if they deem it fit at any time. We also reserve the right to terminate a user account and a user’s passwords if a user has violated any terms of service or acted in a way which harms the website and its reputation.


h.     Third Party Rights

 The preceding agreement regarding Indemnification and Waiver, Release and Limitation of Liability are for the safeguarding of Savnpiks right’s and those of its officers, directors, employees, agents, licensors, suppliers and other information providers. Each of these individuals or entities has the right to declare and implement those provisions directly against you on its own behalf.


i.    Indemnity

 All users must agree to defend, and hold to no account Savnpik, all its affiliate websites and all its employees, officers, agents against all its claims and expenses including fees of lawyers which may arise through the use of our service.