Customer Support

Our Customer Service Representatives are always eager to help you, please call us on our helpline or email us through our contact us page.


How it Works

 Savnpik features the most amazing deals for you in your cities. From the most luxurious spas to the best restaurants we have the best deals for everything. We work with the best companies to offer you the most exciting deals. Using is easy!

Register with us and get daily updates of new deals, if a lot of customers sign up for a deal the deal is then activated. We believe in the more the merrier policy, more people means more discounts. A minimum number of buyers ensure that a company activates a deal and gets you the best discount.

When you spot a deal you like simply login through your account and sign up for it, don’t worry you won’t be charged for it till the minimum number of buyers is reached and the deal is activated.

Make sure a deal reaches the number of buys by sharing it on your social media accounts.

When a deal is made active make sure you print out the coupon that is sent to you and redeem it within the given time span.


For the Businesses

Get new customers quickly!

Register with us to get new customers instead of haggling around with old advertising techniques.


Generate customers through word of mouth!

Our customers are internet savvy and use their own time and social media to get you even more customers.


We are free for businesses.

We promote your deal to our entire audience at a special rate, the rest of the work is done by enthusiastic customers who like your deal and want it to go live and hence advertise it themselves to friends and family in order to make it active.


What’s in it for us?

We simply get a part of the deal which is on offer. We don’t score unless you do!