Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is my Deal?

In your email inbox: all purchases are emailed to your inbox if you do not see your deal there please check your junk mail folder and make sure that Savnpik is not in your junk list.

In your Savnpik Account: You can download your deal at any time from the account you mad through our website.

2. Can I use my voucher/deal the same day I buy it?

You can use your deal as soon as the code that is generated for you becomes active. The timing for generation varies from deal to deal.

How to make a booking?

We urge you to make bookings for deals as soon as possible, the details of bookings are given on the vouchers.

3. Availability issues

Reach out to our customer service team in case you are not able to make bookings at a time of your choosing.

4. Booking cancellations

Cancellations depend on the discretion of the vendor so please check the voucher for fine print.

5. Voucher validity period

Vouchers have a specific duration of validity typically from 31st December to 9th January.

6. What if my voucher has expired?

A voucher that has expired cannot be refunded or redeemed.

Important note:

Under certain situations, a refund may be given for example if you have been unable to redeem your voucher within the period of validity because of no fault of your own.

In this case contact customer service for further assistance.

7. When will I receive my order?

The vendors specify when an order will be delivered.

8. What if I haven't received my order?

In such a case please check the delivery timings in the fine print of your voucher. If the time limit has not passed, your product should be sent within the allotted time.

9. How can I change my delivery address?

Contact our website ASAP so the order isn’t delivered to the wrong address.

10. When should I contact the merchant?

You should contact the vendor in the following scenarios;

To ask about a voucher they have on sale at the website.

Send them details mentioned in the fine print.

11. Where can I find the contact details of the merchant?

They can be found on the voucher fine print.

12. Booking cancellations

These depend on the vendor’s discretion and details can be found on the voucher fine print.

13. How long will it take to receive my refund?

Refunds are processed in seven working days

14. What if I bought a voucher by mistake?

If you bought extra vouchers or if you bought a deal by mistake don’t worry!

Ensure that you ask for a refund within a week.

Allow seven days for the refund to be processed.